About Us

“Business has only two basic functions-marketing and innovation"Peter Drucker

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CombinaBPM team has more than three decades of hands-on experience in managing the business of startups, micro, small and mid-sized outfits globally. Whether it’s lead generation, end-to-end marketing, technology transfer (inbound or outbound), technology localization, startup handholding, brick and mortar to an online model, Building BOTs.

The mantra in CombinaBPM is people first and process later. CombinaBPM believes from experience, it’s the people who make the difference not the other way round.

CombinaBPM connects and manages business for unique experiences, in more than 220+ countries. CombinaBPM team is mostly out of the box in its approach as most of the innovations take place on startup environment not in established, beaurocratic organizational setups.

The team is a mix of youth and experience to find the right solution to our clients and business partners. Any business is about creating value for its products, solutions and services. Sometimes it needs to be inward and sometimes outward. The team works with business on identifying and creating export opportunities in whatever way possible based on what creates more value for each transaction to our clients. Business can only be grown by creating more value for the business we are doing.

We make things perfect

We are experts in Exports, Lead Generation, BOT & BPO Model, Technology Transfer & Localizing. we have an expertise staff to related services. we work with lots of countries.

End to End Marketing
Lead Generation
Technology Transfer & Localizing
BOT & BPO Model
Promoting Start ups