End to End Marketing

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”  – Tom Fishburne

We have millions of entities in Micro, Small, Medium, Large business spectrum, most of them would not have a research-driven marketing plan; this includes governments too.

We have been watching this phenomenon for almost 3 decades and it surprises us. We have worked with very small businesses to large corporations and governments in re-inventing their marketing strategy.

How many of them think beyond their borders (borders here refers to their towns, communities, cities, regions, countries etc), some of them have excellent products, solutions, services, technology and knowledge to offer in their portfolio but wouldn’t know what to do with it in real sense. Many of them have no clue of how to add value most of the time.

Marketing is a re-invention process day on day basis. We keep seeing

the disconnect between great innovators and users, users vary from place to place, do we really understand them, mostly No. When we say a company is a global leader in its space their market share may be 1% and since nobody is close to that, that entity becomes global leader. Is that right? You know the answer now.

Every entrepreneur thinks his or her surrounding is the market they need to target but in reality, it’s not large enough for many of them. For any growth-minded business owners, the rest of the world is their oyster. Seeking international growth by going global offers opportunity aplenty. So how to do it.

When we talk to business heads we always ask them do you have a target, surprisingly many of them have none. Do they have a plan for the next 5 years, many say none. When you set a target to consider globe as your play area and unashamedly set a very large unrealistic target because you never know your potential. Every business misses on a very important point, which is people. We have been completely driven by people who make a huge difference to organizations of any size. Leadership is not just confined to the head of the entity; it requires leaders at every level. We need to have an eye to see, recognize, empower and train them. Marketing is all about the customer first. As companies network with business partners, their learning curve takes a different turn, which they would not have experienced before. We always advise businesses to experiment with their approach using start-up models. Whatever may be the size of the company, a core research team which works on analytics, agility-deftness, predict future to some extent, hire people for curiosity, the team should market to themselves first before its marketed to the owners and later to customers and clients. When we listen to E-commerce companies, the surprise factor is they have very limited knowledge of customer psychology. Even if its B2C platform, you need provision for B2B and BulkB2B, which encourages a customer to buy 10 units of a product instead of 1, same cases with BulkB2B. Even one transaction a day for small E-commerce platform is very profitable. We can quote 1000’s of such references where companies have failed to understand customers. You have an opportunity to turn a B2C guy to either B2B or BulkB2B.

We have 1000’s of re-invented ideas from our experience on offer to every kind of business; get in touch with us to make a new different beginning. Marketing is something a start-up, micro, small, large outfit needs and we can look at it very differently and come up with something new, innovative and interesting. We are also open to bringing in innovation to governments and its efforts globally.