Lead Generation

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“ Lead generation excels when a campaign is looking to capture a piece of factual intelligence that could never be modelled or predicted through profiling and sophisticated propensity algorithms – Chris Cunningham”

What is the purpose of creating a business entity however big or small?

To create a desire in people by offering something different, innovative, unknown or improvise the existing one or repackage the same one in a different way, it goes on – on – and on.

How do you reach out to people to try what you are offering?

That’s through a lead; a lead says somebody is waiting to know little more about what you are offering.

Lead generation is a very different space, which a normal business entity will not be able to do. This needs excellent skills of analyzing the needs of potential users for a particular service or product in an un-biased thought process and create a lead.

Who needs a lead?

Every commercial activity needs leads. How does one grow any business without a pipe of enquiries, which are waiting for your sales team to explore and achieve the targets set?

Every place, region, country behaves differently for leads business.

Most of the businesses expect to get leads without making any advance payments, they expect lead generators to invest everything, produce a lead, wait for the lead generated to transform into business and then plan to pay.

Who’s business are lead generating companies managing, its your business and as you have allocations for manufacturing, human resource, logistics, marketing, so on and so forth, you must have clear budgets for this activity which is very vital for your survival and growth.

What are the lead types?

Depending on the business you are in, you would look for leads, for example You are an equipment manufacturer and you are in the market looking for end users, your lead type will be B2C. Similarly it could be B2B, B2B2C, C2B, B2G, C2C, goes on.

Lead generation models are not really very simple, it requires experts of the clients business we are engaged in, right analysts, intelligent, business understanding data extractors for specific client needs. Smart business managers to asses whether the generated lead is the right one or not.

Lead generation companies like CombinaBPM sometimes has much more knowledge in the client’s business than the client himself because of the exposure and work done in similar industry prior to the particular engagement. CombinaBPM also uses cross industry experience to innovate in a particular industry for un-believable outputs.

CombianBPM starts its engagement with any client offering a pilot project to understand the client, business potential, growth opportunities, possible new areas of expansion, value addition, possibilities of tweaking the business into something very new.

How do clients trust lead generation companies?

99% times in a 100, business happens on gut feeling, all the other factors follows later, that’s why we call “business is all about making impossible possible”, if this is not true then how would a guy build a business empire from nothing to Billions of dollars. The pricing varies from business type to business type and the value each lead can create. We are not in the rat race of lead generators, when a lead is generated, we would know our client, his business, his growth plans, his people, his strengths, weaknesses pretty well. For us our client is a conduit to service the end user to its maximum to benefit our client business.

Lead generation does not end at only business level, its very essential to governments too because in most of the countries governments are involved in business like any other business entities. We have done it before and there is so much more we can do. Every country, every place needs business to thrive. Business can be done with friends and foes alike if you create the need. To do that you need leads.

We have done meaningful work with start-ups, micro, small, medium and large enterprises in over 200 countries directly and through business partners for the last 27 + years.

If you are looking for a lead generation partner who understands your business better than you and can add more value to whatever you are doing, lets discuss the possibilities.

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