Promoting Start ups

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“ its not about ideas, its about making ideas happen” Scott Belsky

Most of us understand what is a start-up.

We also know there are N number of start-up platforms in all the Countries, Cities, Towns, so what is that we are doing here. For every start-up, which is noticed, may be there are a 1000, which goes un-noticed. The problem with start-up culture is everybody searches for Unicorns in every start-up idea they come across.

What we are looking for in an idea, is it different, is it a game changer, is it disruptive, will it give a run for traditionalists?

All the best things which are happening most of the time all over the world is happening from start-ups.

What start-ups are we targeting?

We would listen out to people and their ideas, the differentiator is the raw energy in the promoter. For every one start-up becoming successful, there are innumerable failings, that’s why it’s called startup, unless you try honestly how will you know. These ideas would not only come from best of the brains, best of the institutions and best of the countries. It can come from anywhere, from anybody. We are open to everything and every body. We will never be judgmental about any ideator and his background. We can do great deal of work in this space because of our huge exposure to a network, which can absorb any amount of projects and ideas.

Its very essential to have a startup lab in every commercial venture in private and government sectors in all the countries. Startups have the ability to reinvent, completely disrupt the known practices to very unknown and interesting new-ones. No standard model fits in the space of start-up, every start-up is new, unique and it should be treated like one.

We have seen it happen in almost all the fields but the scope is wide open as the problems human kind faces are still aplenty.

Businesses and governments must invite startup minds to solve most complicated problems the world is facing, which includes intra country relationships.

What is required in a startup is a combination of freshness in terms of ideator, an experienced hand-holder, an experimenting investor, a target and a timeline. We are not for scale; we are for change, scale will happen on its own if the change happens. It must happen in every field, lets discuss your startup idea today and see where it can go.

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